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Get Certified in Blockchain

As just about everything having to do with commerce and business transactions migrates to the internet, there is an increasing need for skilled IT professionals with a solid working knowledge of Blockchain.

U.S. Jobs: Great Gains, Slow Wage Growth in February

Monthly job gains for February 2018 topped 300,000, the first time that has happened since July 2016. At a healthy 313,000 jobs added for the month, could this be an upward tick in the trend curve?

Four Top Cloud Roles and the Certs to Get You There

When it comes to cloud computing, everyone needs both robust solutions and reliable personnel. Cloud professionals are scarce, but the right certification can help you get your foot in this lucrative door.

Microsoft Previews New Video-Based Certification Program

We finally have a strong teaser from Microsoft Learning about what they’re doing with LinkedIn Learning and to up the video-based training ante for certification. It's worth your time (and free registration) to have a look.

War and 'Censorship:' Cables and the Internet, Part 2

Before becoming an unseen backbone of the internet, undersea cables and nascent transglobal communication technology played a critical role in the early 20th-century era of international warfare.

Many Software Developers Don't Have This One Crazy Skill

You may know JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and Scrum. There's one element of the total package that many developers don't have in their professional toolkit, however, and are not likely to succeed without.

Wishing you the best on Washington's Birthday

Some of you out there, especially in the United States, may be under the impression that today is Presidents Day. Take our festive quiz, and find out why you're wrong!

CySA+: What's in a Certification Name Change?

Sometimes small or seemingly insignificant tweaks cause big, time-consuming, possibly expensive ripple effects. A phone call with an old friend and co-author gets me thinking about the impact of name changes.

The Worldwide Undersea Web: Cables and the Internet, Part 1

Ever wondered how, exactly, the internet draws us all together across immense geographical expanses? Part of the answer lies, as a certain cartoon crustacean once crooned, "under the sea."

Not Everybody Needs (Or Should Earn) a College Degree

It's been an article of faith for generations that you need to get a college degree in order to succeed at a high level in the workplace. But does that sort of thinking really still apply? Especially in the IT realm?

Beta Exam for CompTIA PenTest+ Now Available

CompTIA has a new cybersecurity certification exam to verify the knowledge and skills of would-be penetration testers. The fortunate few who take the exam during its beta period will get a fat discount.

U.S. Jobs: January Numbers Are Encouraging

With a solid (if not stellar) 200,000 new jobs for January, and unemployment unchanged at 4.1 percent, the overall outlook ain’t half bad. Just don't expect any cartwheels from yours truly ... yet.

Six Hot Cybersecurity Certifications for 2018

Skilled cybersecurity professionals will continue to be in high demand in 2018. Certification can give you an edge. These six credentials will help you sharpen your skills and be ready to compete for top jobs.

CompTIA Expands IT-Ready Training Portfolio

Tech industry association CompTIA offers free job-prep training in the United States through IT-Ready. Later this year, IT-Ready will begin offering a new eight-week class on software quality assurance (QA).

Six Big Cybersecurity Certification Changes for 2018

With 2017 and its destructive flurry of cyberattacks in the rear view mirror, what are the new developments that will drive cybersecurity certification in 2018? Security expert Mike Chapple previews what's in store.

Great Information Resources from Global Knowledge

The Global Knowledge Resource Library proves the point: If you give away solid, reliable information, then information seekers are more likely to take an interest in the tools that you charge money for.